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Win Red Giant's Complete Software Suite helping us render!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

We are very pleased to have Red Giant Software, already a great sponsor of the film, back to help us with our final massive 8K render of our 5 million galaxy shot in fulldome format (see details here)

Red Giant has provided us with 1 year licenses for their Complete software package (all the great software they make in one package!) for prizes. So if you have a fast machine (see details here), and want to help render one of the complex photoanimation shots in film ever, contact us to get started plus have a chance to win this great prize.

Red Giant is also generously supplying us with temp licenses (limited number, first come, first served) for the two plugins required for the render (Horizon and Particular).

We are very thankful for Red Giant's support in this render and their great software engineering that allowed us to push it far beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Here's all what's included in Complete!

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