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We Feel the Need for Speed! (Call for Render machine volunteers)

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


A couple of years ago, we rendered out the most complicated multiplane photoanimation in film history, our "5 million galaxy" shot, 40 seconds long, that took 5.5. years of machine rendering time rendering out at 5600 x 4200 pixels, 1440 frame at 24 frames per second in 32-bit color.

TOTAL PIXELS: 812,851,200,000 (800 million pixels)

Well, we are doing it again, for the native fulldome version. 8192 x 8192 pixels, 1980 frame at 30 frames per second in 32-bit color.

TOTAL PIXELS: 3,986,266,521,600 (3.9 trillion pixels, al most 5 times as much)

And it gets worse. The native fulldome version requires 6 camera views stitches to create the 360 degrees by 180 degrees view. The means most of the computers used for the flat-screen version currently in use are woefully under-powered and too slow.

We have been working and testing this for the better part of 2019 and have 3 very fast machines rendering 24 x 7 since September and we have 156 frames to show for it.

So if you have a fast machine and some software, we need you! You will:

  • Earn perks for the film, just like donors

  • Prizes (Red Giant Complete!) for fastest renders and most frame rendered

  • Chance to be part of film history

What do you need?

  1. Mac or Windows machine with 4 core, 8 thread minimum (must have minimum 8 threads). 8 core, 16 thread or better recommend UPDATE, we have rendered frames on very fast i5-Quad core (e.g. 7600K)

  2. 32GB of RAM (64 or better recommended)

  3. nVidia 1080 GPU or better with 8GB of VRAM (AMD have worked but not heavily tested yet but 8GB of VRAM is absolute minimum

  4. Adobe Creative Suite with After Effects 2020 compatible with GPU acceleration. 2019, 2018 are both unstable and much slower.

  5. Red Giant Horizon and Particular (temp licenses can be provided), current latest versions.

  6. Sign an NDA

Contact us at for to get started.

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