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Update On Final Renders - Screenshots

Work on the film is humming along, especially now that the most complex photoanimation is in the can so to speak – thanks again to our volunteer render machines that made 5.5 years of machine render time happen in 3 months.

We are still on schedule from the release date (Q2/3 2018) we announced last September. Footage for the first third of the film is coming out in batches – pictured here are two galaxy flyby’s – Arp 273 (the complex one) and NGC 3370. Footage is final  although a final color correction will take place with finished renders when the entire film is complete.

Also, we have reprocessed Colin Legg’s 5 camera, 11-days and nights time-lapse footage to extract 25% more resolution for 8K renders and much improved day to night and night to day transitions. Thanks to Colin for all his hard work making that happen. A frame from in the the historical imagery (Zeitgeist) sequence that illustrates the loss of the night sky through human history is included to tweak your interest in the film and no, this is not a secret sequel to “Skull Island” – 🙂

More and more footage will be piling up this year culminating in a our first official trailer (no more teasers!) in mid September in honor of Cassini’s Grand Finale.

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