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The Big News - Global Distribution

Some wonderful holiday news for In Saturn’s Rings and all of the wonderful supporters who have believed in this project over the years. I’m excited and grateful to announce that the film has signed a global distribution agreement with BIG and Digital Distribution for distribution in IMAX® Theaters, IMAX® Dome theaters, giant screen, fulldome planetarium and digital cinema venues world-wide.

Simply, this means the film now has the opportunity to be seen on the truly big screen by people in all parts of the world. It’s no longer just a dream, it’s a reality. Everyone who has believed in this can pat themselves on the back for helping make this happen.

You can read the full press release here: ISR_DistributionRelease12-17-12 or in the text from below, but here are the key bullet points:

  • BIG and Digital is a distributor that specializes in films for IMAX® theaters, giant screen and fulldome theaters, run by Tina Ratterman, a veteran of the industry.

  • The release plan is for a completion of a preview cut in December 2013 and industry premiere in spring 2014

  • I retain final cut of the content of the film AND the film’s production stays as a non-profit undertaking supported by you

  • The raw materials and methods developed by the film will be open sourced and released in the educational outreach with the release of the film to benefit the entire space and educational communities worldwide.

Be sure to follow the film on the new Facebook page (be sure to turn notifications on!) and Twitter feed.




HENDERSON, NEVADA (December 17, 2012) – BIG & Digital, LLC and SV2 Studios, LLC announced today that In Saturn’s Rings will be distributed worldwide by BIG & Digital to the network of IMAX®, Giant Screen, and Full-Dome Theaters. The film will be released in early 2014. In Saturn’s Rings is a non-profit giant-screen space art film, produced by SV2 Studios, that takes audiences on the ultimate journey of the mind and spirit from the big bang to the wonders of the Solar System climaxing with the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn.

Over One Million photographs, manipulated to create full motion, make up the film’s visuals for a photographic fly-through of deep space. Using innovative visual techniques developed by the filmmaker, In Saturn’s Rings lets audiences fly through space and time using real photographs, not CGI. The film will feature powerful music by Ferry Corsten, William Orbit, Samuel Barber and melds narrative visual poetry and science into a rich and emotional experience. The imagery, synchronized to powerful and moving music, provides a direct and powerful opportunity of exploring space.

“We’re very excited to work with BIG & Digital to bring the film to the network of Giant Screen Theaters,” said Stephen van Vuuren of SV2 Studios. “In Saturn’s Rings is literally a big and digital film, so this is a perfect match for presenting the film in the best light to the industry.”

“I have been following Stephen’s film several years and I appreciate his passion for a unique and scientific space film that reaches an emotional level with audiences. The film is different than the space films that have come before it and we are looking forward to be bringing this film to theaters worldwide,” said Tina Ratterman, founder of BIG & Digital.

A one minute clip with millions of views on the internet was named one of NASA’s “Astronomy Pictures of the Day.” The online space and scientific communities support and endorse the project including resources and support from Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and The Planetary Society. Individual scientists from NASA, JPL, ESA and numerous other scientific institutions are active advisors and volunteers.

More than a dozen volunteer scientists, photographers and image processors are working directly on the production creating custom programs, processing lunar imagery, and creating stunning time-lapse of the dark sky at giant screen resolutions. More information on the film can be found at and updates and announcements can be received through social media:

Twitter – @in_saturnsrings

Facebook at

Distribution and leasing information is available from BIG & Digital. Contact: or 702-932-4045.

About SV2 Studios

SV2 Studios was founded by filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren in 2000 to focus on digital cinema production. SV2 Studios has produced a range of multimedia projects, including award-winning short and feature length films. The company also provides digital cinema mastering to independent filmmakers. Van Vuuren has become a leading photographic animation artist while creating the stunning visuals for In Saturn’s Rings.

About BIG & Digital, LLC

BIG & Digital specializes in distribution of 15/70mm and digital giant screen content to museums, attractions and planetariums. BIG & Digital was founded in March 2009 by Tina Ratterman. Ratterman is a veteran in the giant screen industry with more than 15 years of successful marketing and distribution experience. More information can be found at

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