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SATURN Under the Stars...

The best place to contemplate our place in time and space is under the stars...

Like all of you, we have been dealing the broad-ranging effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to all those stricken, those who've lost so much and those on the front lines of treating and supporting us all.

Like all other films in theaters, we too have been closed since March 12th and we've heard a lot of suggestions of how best to move forward (including doing nothing at all). Thanks to all who have reached out to us. We've also looked at what options we have during this challenging time and we've decided offering a free license for safe, legal, and sensible outdoor screenings from now through the anniversary of Cassini's arrival at Saturn (July 1st but we are making it through that way, so July 5th).

We could not find a short term online screening option that both provided secure encryption against piracy and protected the interest of theaters that have already paid to show the film, but we wanted an option that could reach lots more of you around the world.

What is this license?

1. It's free to the venues - totally free to theaters to show the film. We will ship a DCP on a DCI-Compliant USB Thumb Drive. We will also explore other options with non-DCP venues although those might require a small watermark on the file. It's a limited license to help theaters and audiences not a license for unlimited commercial use.

2. Screenings MUST be safe, legal and sensible. No compromise on this, they must be safe by CDC/WHO standards, meet or exceed all local laws and recommendations. We will only grant the license to venues willing to meet this guidelines in writing, in advance, including with explicit permission from local authorities where required.

3. Screenings should be accessible and affordable to all i.e free or donation based. We very much know how financially challenged theaters are right now, but so are their audiences. Our license will not stipulate admission fees or policies but we strongly recommend that venues choose a "pay what you can" or "donate what you can" policy for these screenings. We strongly believe local sponsors will step up to cover venue expenses for these events and we will be happy to help you secure those for your screening.

If you have a venue in mind, please contact our Distributor, BIG & Digital, to suggest it and also contact that venue to ask them to contact BIG & Digital to arrange screening(s) in your area.

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