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Puget Systems joins the Render!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Our efforts to render the most complex multiplane in photoanimation in history for the 8K fulldome just got a big Pulp Fiction hypodermic needle in the chest from the great folks at Puget Systems.

They are going to put a number of their lab systems to the task of helping us render and we are deeply grateful for their support and excited to see what their powerful machines can do with this brutal render.

If you don't know who Puget Systems are, you should. They are THE long-time premiere custom computer builder of machines that actually do stuff - film, video, 3D, photography, science, CAD, engineering and much more.

And they really know their stuff, relentlessly testing and benchmarking to find the perfect components for the best performance for the buck. I had to build the over 50 machines used to date for the film and every time, I studied carefully every benchmark test they had to make my decisions on the best system components.

Plus for those people who don't want to wrestle with building their own machines and then dealing with problems that always come up (read old entries here to read my sad stories), they provide best in the industry support and service. If I were to buy a system today, it would be a Puget Systems box.

Those of you that have asked me personally what computer to buy for serious use know I always have recommended them. And if this sounds like a paid commercial, it's not. In my professional circle, the other pro's I know also recommend Puget Systems first, it's just something that is known as they've earned this with years of consistently being the best.

So I'm super excited that they have stepped up to be part of bringing In Saturn's Rings to fulldome theaters around the world.

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