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Press Release for ISR Streaming Events on 9/15 & 9/19

For immediate release: (PDF)

Live Stream the groundbreaking film, In Saturn’s Rings, and explore the beauty of deep space from the comfort of your couch.

Three years ago, NASA’s Cassini spacecraftafter expending all of its fuel on its two-decade missiontook its final bow as it orbited 22 times between Saturn and its rings before plunging through the atmosphere, becoming part of the planet it breathtakingly documented for human kind.

This September 15th and 19th, in honor of Cassini’s incredible “Grand Finale,” the filmmakers behind In Saturn’s Rings are streaming the full film to the world and hosting a live Q&A featuring the film’s creator, composer, science advisor, and lead image processors.

Narrated by Emmy, Grammy, and NAACP award-winner LeVar Burton, this unique and poetic documentary uses no computer-generated images, CGI, or 3-D modeling. Instead, filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren painstakingly rendered and animated real, multiplane photo images from the Cassini spacecraft to create the sensation of flying through space. Because of the film’s scale, over one hundred volunteer stargazers worldwide helped with the image processing, making In Saturn’s Rings a monumental achievement and a community labor of love.

Before the COVID crisis, the film was set to open all over the U.S. and tour Europe. Unfortunately, those plans were dashed due to the current environment. However, film lovers can still support independent film and journey through space from the comfort of home by streaming In Saturn’s Rings on their PC, Mac, Tablet, phone, or projector.

The all-star Q and A will feature: Stephen van Vuuren, filmmaker; Bill Eberly, producer & lead image processor; Mike Malaska of JPL, long-time key supporter of the film, key advisor, and educational consultant; Jason Harwell, producer and lead image processor of the film’s galaxy fly-through; Dr. Steve Danford, key science advisor; Tim Martin, key educational lead and consultant; and Pieter Schlosser, composer of the original score.

You can find more ticket information for the September 15th screening here and for the September 19th screening here.

Donors and volunteers qualify for free or discounted tickets. For more information, please visit the film’s website:

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