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LeVar Burton to Narrate In Saturn's Rings

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Happy Holidays! As long-time fans know, the film script had no narration after 2009. But by 2014, I realized sparse, elegant narration would be key to making the film work well. I kept quiet until the right narration was ready.

But not narration by any just narrator – I wanted the gifted voice of a trained actor —intelligent, expressive and truthful. I listened to dozens of voices and one person stood out.We are honored, excited and humbled to have LeVar Burton agree to narrate the film. Much more about this over the next few months.

“Your Name Here” – in the credits with LeVar Burton

If you want to have your name in the film along with LeVar Burton’s, you need to act fast. The credits of the film will be put together soon, so we are closing the window for donations that include a screen credit at the end of this year – just a few days away. And if you are one of our awesome backers, you can move up the list closer to LeVar. Your generous donations will help us cover the recording and mixing costs of the narration.

  • Tax Deductible donations can be made here: DONATE

  • Regular donations can be made here: DONATE

A complete list of perks for donors/backers is here: PERKS

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