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July 27-28 Detroit - Screenings updated

It's finally official. We have special screenings with a panel discussion following July 27th and 28th at Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford Museum. Times likely mid-day but still TBD. Filmmakers Stephen van Vuuren, Marie van Vuuren and Jason Harwell will attend in person with Bill Eberly likely appearing via Skype.

And the great LeVar Burton is co-incidentally and awesomely the emcee of Maker Faire Detroit. We don't know if our worlds will collide, but it will be a great weekend however it works out. Get TIX here.

And in August, the full run of the film at The Henry Ford Museum will start. We will have more screenings to announce (this page) but the fulldome version is slowed down by that pesky 5 million galaxy shot, so nothing to announce yet.

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