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ISR Distributor hiring European Sales Rep

The film's Distributor, BIG & Digital, is hiring a European Sales Rep to focus on booking screenings in Europe. We have tremendous interest in the film in Europe, both with the current flat-screen giant screen version and even more so with the forthcoming fulldome version of the film.

The ad is online here (please share with anyone you think might be interested) but the text is below

Apply via link above via

Represent In Saturn’s Rings in Europe

This is a special opportunity to represent this ground-breaking film and learn about film distribution.


  • Believe In Saturn’s Rings should be seen by people across the world.

  • Smart and passionate about learning and sharing knowledge.

  • Above average computer and technology skills.

  • Efficient and professional Document Presentation, Writing and Excel skills.

  • Great attitude and genuine interest in building long-term relationships with Film Buyers.

  • Trustworthy, ethical, honest and fair.

  • Multilingual a plus.

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