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GET READY! 10 Tips to best watch our Live Streams on 9/15 & 9/19!!!

If you have not yet heard about our special live streams of the film during this pandemic shutdown, click here to read more and get your tickets here.

Once you've got your ticket, let's go over what you need to have the best experience possible for streaming the film.

Before began, let's just admit this will not replace seeing the film on the giant screen. The film is designed for 8-story high giant screens and fulldome planetariums. There is simply no way to have "IMAX in a Basement" (old-timers will remember this phrase well). Just think of this as bonus experience to whet your appetite.

But here are some useful and/or fun tips to make the experience as enjoyable as possible during these challenging times.

  1. Watch on the biggest screen you can. For this film, size matters. The motion and movement has been designed for those 8 story high screens. If you don't have access to a big screen TV or home projector, maybe ask a friend or check at work. Avoid watching on your computer or tablet if possible and skip the phone (David Lynch says so (NSFW).

  2. The following devices are supported. Roku, Apple TV and Android TV. Just search for the "Eventive" app on your device and use the same login your bought your ticket with to get setup. If you don't have one of these, use the "cast" feature of your mobile device to send the stream to your TV, projector etc.

  3. Sit as close as is comfortable. In a giant screen theater, the back row of the theater is no further than the height of the screen. Normally we don't watch films that way at home, but this film is different.

  4. Watch in the dark, lights off.

  5. Consider watching it outside under the stars. Here are some tips on how to.

  6. Watch on a "native 1080p, 4K or greater screen". The stream is limited to 1080p for piracy protection but a good 4K TV or projector will upscale (check your manual or ask a geek) to 4K allowing you to sit closer.

  7. TURN OFF MOTION FLOW/SMOOTHING. This will causes all sorts of problems with the imagery in the film which is natively 24 frames per second. Learn more here.

  8. Sound, Sound, Sound. Make sure have the best possible sound you can, it really makes the experience more like a theater. Full range speakers with a sub-woofer will help a lot.

  9. Optimize your streaming speed. The faster download speed, the more likely you will get the highest quality stream. We've tested it here and it holds up on 110" projector. But pause any other activity on your internet connection and/or consider a temporary increase in your internet plan for this event.

  10. When the stream first starts, if it does not sharpen up immediately or quickly, pause, rewind and/or reload until you get a nice crisp picture. Sometimes it take 30 to 60 seconds to get streams to lock into the highest quality.

Feel free to contact us or Eventive if you have problems with the stream.

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