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FILM STREAMING LIVE w/ Q&A 9/15 & 9/19

Updated: Aug 7, 2020


This is real! In honor of the 3rd anniversary of the Cassini "Grand Finale", we are live streaming the full film to the world in these challenging times. Don’t miss this awe-inspiring event with a special introduction and live Q&A with the filmmakers.​

Donors & Volunteers will get free and/or discounted tickets (click here if you're donor for information on getting free or discounted tickets).

You can watch on your PC, Mac, tablet or phone (but don't) but a better option is a Roku or Apple TV device hooked to a large TV or projector setup in your home.

We will have a special introduction to the film from the filmmakers and an all-star Q&A panel following with all the key players of the film:

  • Stephen van Vuuren, the filmmaker who directed and animated the film

  • Bill Eberly, producer & lead image processor and hero of the film

  • Mike Malaska of JPL, long-time key supporter of the film and key advisor and educational consultant

  • Jason Harwell, producer and lead image processor of the galaxy fly-through section and many other areas

  • Dr. Steve Danford, key science advisor

  • Tim Martin, key educational lead and consultant

  • Pieter Schlosser, composer of original score

  • and maybe a few more!


As well all know, it's been a challenging time for our world during this pandemic. Although it pales in comparison to the front-lines of those suffering and dying from the virus, the film industry, like many others, has been effectively shuttered since March.

As some of you may know, we had big openings planned, Baton Rouge with a live orchestra, Hamburg, Germany in 8K fulldome, a road show in major cities in Europe and more. This is was in addition to the venues that we were open in.

As the pandemic has kept on, we've been looking at options that would allow us to share the film without risking alienating the theaters that have supported the film, that would honor on contract with the film's distributor and prevent easy piracy (we are frequently the target of people who steal images, video/trailers clips and more).

Eventive is a platform that was set up during this pandemic to provide the same type of secure screenings used by Netflix, Disney etc. and we had to wait for them to have the platform ready for use by filmmakers.

Once they were ready, to give us time to plan, the anniversary of the Cassini "Grand Finale" on September 15th seemed a perfect occasion.

This streaming event has significant costs, so please share the event widely with everyone as if to help us offset the costs.

Here are some more FAQs about the event:


  1. WHY IS THIS NOT JUST A FREE EVENT FOR ALL (OR FOR ALL DONORS)? In order to stream the movie with DRM encryption (used by Netflix, Apple TV, Disney) that both we and the film's distributor requires, we are using a platform (Eventive) that provide this. It is not free and in fact costs $3 per stream ticket sales will help cover those of you who elect free tickets.

  2. WILL I BE ABLE TO WATCH MY COPY AFTER THE SCREENING WINDOW? No, just like renting a movie online, once the window expires, the stream will be gone. You may watch it as many times as possible during the window though. If you want a permanent copy, you will have to wait for the perks to be shipped (see here for more on that)

  3. WILL THERE BE MORE LIVE STREAMING EVENTS? We don't know. It depends entirely on COVID-19's impact on theaters showing the film. Once the film can be shown reasonably normally in theaters, we can longer stream the film. So it's possible there might be another event or two but none are planned at this time.

  4. CAN I SHARE MY TICKET WITH OTHERS? No, the ticket allows only one stream per email on one device (Computer, Tablet, TV via Roku or Apple TV)

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