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Bryan Adams & ISR - New Music Video

Bryan Adams, yeah that Bryan Adams, released a new music video that he also directed, “Please Stay” that uses footage from the film in a beautiful way. It’s a bucket list level thrill for me as songs like “Run to You”, “Cuts like a Knife” and “Summer of Sixty-Nine” are always in my top playlist rotation.

* Copyright Bryan Adams

How did this happen? Well, it almost didn’t. I got a very simple email back in early September signed “Bryan Adams (singer / songwriter)” wanting to use footage in a new music video he was directing to promote his new album.

I immediately thought it was fake. The email did say “There is stock footage available from video outlets, but your footage is way cooler.” True, but compliments and flattery are part of social engineering attacks.

I won’t confess how close I came to deleting it as some weird phishing spam thing, but I decided to check the DNS, mail headers etc. Sure enough, it came from this domain which looked pretty damn official: http://www.bryanadams.com/. I read up on Bryan Adams at Wikipedia. Turns out he he’s a pretty cool guy with a vibrant creative career.

More to the point – he’s a stunningly good photographer. http://bryanadamsphotography.com/ – spend some time there, well worth it.

Huh. Go figure.

So I replied, trying not to be too OMG! OMG! OMG! Bryan Adams! I love you so much!!! etc. etc. We ended up exchanging emails, eventually bringing in a couple of his production folks and I sent them a bunch of footage to use for the shoot. It was a comfortable, easy process and I could not be more pleased with how it turned out. Bryan has a great eye for visuals and really cool to see how people play with this imagery we’ve created.

But beyond the video, it speaks to the very core of the film. Bryan Adams was obviously searching for something beyond the usual CGI/stock space footage that is available and what we are used to seeing.

He had a very different reaction, as many people do, to real images from space animated with multiplane verses CGI footage you see everywhere. Real images have “a quality” that drives myself and the entire group of image processors on the film to create and share this imagery.

Bryan Adams is an accomplished singer, songwriter, photographer but at the end of day, he’s like every other fan and volunteer of the film. We all love these images and want them as part of fabric of our lives.  They are truly universal in every sense of the word and the entire heart of this film.

Thanks again to Bryan and his entire team for doing such a fantastic job and letting “In Saturn’s Rings” be a small part of it. https://www.bryanadams.com



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